Karnataka CET Syllabus 2017, Ded, Diploma, BA, PDF

Karnataka CET Syllabus

Karnataka CET enables its qualified examines to take admission in several courses such as Medical, Engineering and Dental sector across the country. As usual, it has now going to conduct the entrance exam for this year also.
It is important for the candidates to have KCET 2017 exam syllabus with them so that they can prepare in a systematic method for the entrance exam.

Applicants may have a glimpse of the syllabus topics by reading the given information below:

Physics Exam Syllabus:
Gravitation, Kinematics, Laws of Motion, Work, Energy and Power, Physical World & Measurement, Properties of Bulk Matter, Behavior of Perfect Gas & Kinetic Theory of Gases, Thermodynamics, Oscillations & Waves, Some Practical Oriented Questions also.

Chemistry Exam Syllabus:
Hydrogen, Equilibrium, States of Matter: Gases and Liquids, Structure of Atom, Redox Reactions, Environmental Chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Some P-Block Elements, S-Block Elements, Thermodynamics, Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure, Some basic concepts of Chemistry, Practical Oriented Questions, etc.

Mathematics Exam Syllabus:
Statistics and Probability, Calculus, Mathematical Reasoning, Algebra, Sets and Functions, Coordinate Geometry, etc.

Biology Exam Syllabus:
Cell Biology, Botany topics, Biosystematics, Diversity of Life on Earth, Cyanobacteria, Kingdom Protista, Kingdom Mycota, Kingdom Metaphyta, Taxonomy and Economic Botany, Elements of Plant Pathology, Bio-molecules, Zoology Topics, etc.

More information about the Karnataka CET Syllabus 2014 can be obtained by visiting the official website here - http://www.kea.kar.nic.in   

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