Thapar University Syllabus 2017, B Tech, M Tech

Thapar University Syllabus

Students of Thapar University can download the exam syllabus of B.Tech, M. Tech, Ph.D., leet, MBA, ME, BCA, ece, MCA, M.Sc., etc. online through the authoritative website. We are providing the details about some of the exam syllabus of Thapar University which will be very helpful to you.

Thapar University B.Tech Biotechnology syllabus:
1st semester: Thermodynamics, Engineering Graphics, Mathematics-I, Applied Mechanics, Computer Programming, Communication Skills.

2nd semester: Chemistry, Introductory biology, Environmental Studies, Electrical and Electronics science, Physics, Manufacturing Processes, Mathematics-II.

3rd semester: Total Quality Management, Optimization Techniques, Process Fluid Mechanics, Material and Energy Balances, Microbiology, Materials Science and Engineering.

4th semester: Organizational behavior, Unit Operations – I, Measurement Science and Techniques, Numerical and Statistical Methods, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology.

5th semester: Bioanalytical Techniques, Food Processing, Summer Assignment, Genetic and Metabolic Engineering, Immunotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Unit Operations II.

6th semester: Pharmaceutical Technology, Animal Biotechnology, Bioprocess Engineering, Plant Biotechnology, Elective-I, Bioinformatics and Biostatistics.

Thapar University M. Tech Biotechnology Syllabus:
1st semester: Research Methodology, Entrepreneurship and IPR, Bioprocess Engineering, Molecular Biology & rDNA technology, Immuno technology.

2nd semester: Advanced Bioinformatics, Industrial Enzyme Technology, Downstream Technology, Biopharmaceutical & Pharmaceutical technology, Elective-I and Seminar.

3rd semester: Minor Project, Dissertation (starts), Elective 2 & 3.

4th semester: Dissertation.

PG Diploma in Plant Transgenic Technologies Syllabus of Thapar University:
1st semester: Bio-Techniques, Entrepreneurship and IPR, Plant Genetic Engineering, Plant Tissue Culture and its applications, Plant Molecular Biology, etc.

2nd semester: Molecular Farming, Plant Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics, Project work and Seminar.

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