AP Board Syllabus 2017, SSC, HSC, Intermediate

AP Board Syllabus

BIEAP – Board of Intermediate Education, Andhra Pradesh manages the intermediate education structure in the state.

Andhra Pradesh Board offers students to select the syllabus for study as for the following sections:

1. Modern Language subjects: English, Telugu, Urdu and Hindi
2. Second Languages: Hindi, English, Urdu, French, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Oriya, Arabic, Sanskrit, etc.
3. Optional Subjects: Logic, Sociology, Geography and Geology, Botany, Public Administration, Civics, History, Commerce, etc. 

BIEAP Intermediate 1st year Syllabus 2017:
1. Economics (Introductory Economic Theory):
a. Introduction
b. Theory of consumption
c. Indifference curves
d. Elasticity of Demand
e. Theory of value
f. Theory of production
g. Theory of distribution
h. National Income
i. Money, Banking and Inflation
j. Macro Economic Aspects

2. Mathematics IA Syllabus 2017 of BIEAP:
a. Mathematical Induction
b. Functions
c. Matrices
d. Vector Algebra
e. Trigonometry

3. BIEAP Mathematics IB Syllabus:
a. Coordinate Geometry

BIEAP Intermediate 2nd year syllabus 2017:
1. Physics:
a. Waves
b. Ray Optics and optical instruments
c. Electric charges and fields
d. Wave optics
e. Potential and Capacitance
f. Current electricity
g. Moving charges and magnetism
h. Electromagnetic induction
i. Magnetism and matter
j. Electromagnetic waves
k. Atoms
l. Alternating current
m. Communication Systems

2. Zoology Syllabus:
a. Breathing and respiration
b. Digestion and absorption
c. Excretory products and their elimination
d. Body fluids and circulation
e. Neural control and coordination
f. Human anatomy and physiology
g. Human Reproduction
h. Organic evolution
i. Applied Biology

BIEAP Syllabus 2017 with detailed information can be downloaded from the official website by visiting here: http://bieap.gov.in/     

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