Calcutta University Syllabus 2017, B Com, BA, MA, MCA

Calcutta University Syllabus

To download the exam syllabus of University of Calcutta, West Bengal of several UG and PG courses such as: MA (English/Bengali/History/Sociology), Environmental Science, Botany, Computer Science, Commerce, Economics, Political Science, Physics, Philosophy, B.Tech, BA, B.Com, M. Tech, M.Com, LLB, LLM, etc., students are advised to go through the official website.  

University of Calcutta Physics Syllabus:

Mathematical Methods I: Preliminary topics, Matrices and Vector Analysis.
Mathematical Methods II: Fourier series and Ordinary/Partially differential equations.
Waves & Optics I: Waves, Linear Harmonic Oscillator, Fermat’s principal, Wave theory of light, Cardinal points of an optical system.
Electronics – I: Semiconductor diodes, Network, Field effect transistors, bipolar junction transistors and Digital electronics.

Classical Mechanics I: Mechanics of a single particle, Rotational motion, Mechanics of a system of particles.
Thermal Physics – I: Transport Phenomena, Kinetic theory of Gases, Real Gases, Radiation and Conduction of Heat. 

Electronics – II: Oscillators, Amplifier, Combinational logic, Operational Amplifier, Communication Principals, Sequential logic.
Electricity and Magnetism: Field and Magnetic Materials, Magnetic effect of steady current, Electromagnetic induction.
Electrostatics: Gauss’s law, Units and dimensions, Dielectrics, Multipole expansion, Electrical images.
Waves and Optics II: Diffraction of light waves, Polarisation, Interference of light waves.

Paper-IV: Quantum Mechanics and Thermal Physics – II.

Paper – V:
Classical Mechanics – II, Special Theory of Relativity, Quantum Mechanics – II and Atomic Physics

Paper – VI: Nuclear & Particle Physics – I/II and Solid State Physics – I/II.

Paper VII:
Statistical Mechanics, Electromagnetic Theory.  

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University of Calcutta B.Com Syllabus 2017:

1st year:
Business mathematics and statistics, Economics – I, Business Regulatory Framework, Principles and practice of management & business communication, Financial Accounting – I and Major Indian Language.

2nd year:
Direct & Indirect Taxation, Cost & Management Accounting, Financial Accounting – II, Economics II and Advanced Business Mathematics, Information technology and its application in business, Principles of marketing. 

3rd year:
Environmental studies, Auditing, Financial Accounting – III, Indian financial system and financial market operations, project work. 

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