CCS University Syllabus 2017, Bsc, BBA, B Com, MA, LLB

CCS University Syllabus

Students of CCS University can download the exam syllabus of regular courses such as B.Sc., BBA, BA, Ph.D., M.Sc., MA, B.Com, BCA, LLB, M.Com, BJMC, etc. from the official website now.

CCS University B.Sc. Botany New Syllabus 2017:
1st year: Diversity of Algae, Lichens & Bryophytes, Diversity of Viruses, Bacteria & Fungi, Diversity of Pteridophytes & Gymnosperms and Practical syllabus based on theory papers.
2nd year: Cytology, Genetics, Evolution & Ecology, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Practical syllabus based on theory papers and Diversity of Angiosperms: Systematics, Development & Reproduction.
3rd year: Molecular biology & biotechnology, Plant Resource Utilization, Palynology and Bio statistics, Environmental Botany and Plant Pathology, Practical.

CCS University B.Sc. third year Botany Practical syllabus 2017:
Temporary mount/Diagram, Ecology Exercise, Identify and comment upon spots, Qualitative test of Carbohydrate, Proteins or Amino Acids, Collection of Model, Chart, Project, etc.

CCS University BBA New Syllabus 2017:
Semester-1: Financial accounting, General Economics, Business Communication, Principles of Management, Mathematical foundation for Business Administration.

Semester-2: Organizational behavior, Computer fundamentals and Programming concepts, Business Regulatory Framework, Computer oriented statistical methods in Business, Principles of Marketing.

Semester-3: Corporate laws, contemporary auditing, Income tax, Computer practical examination, corporate accounting, Computer application in Business and Data Processing.

Semester-4: Basics of Indirect Taxation, International trade, Cost management, Optimization techniques, Viva-voce.

Semester-5: E-commerce, Financial Management, Strategic management, Entrepreneurship and small business management and Management accounting.  

Semester-6: E-marketing, E-banking, Money and Financial system, Management information system, Project report based viva voce, Business research methodology. 

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