IISC Syllabus 2017, Phd, Download

IISC Syllabus

IISC, Bangalore syllabus for entrance exam, Integrated Ph.D., M.Sc., M. Tech, etc. in Biological sciences, Mathematics, Physics, Life Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering, etc. disciplines can now be download through ‘Hindustan Jobs Portal’.   

IISC UG – Biology Syllabus:
Semester-1: Introduction to the world of living organism, Light microscopy, Titration of Amino Acids, Methods of describing, Behavior and ecology, Measuring the rate of natural selection, DNA, RNA, DNA melting corves, etc.

Semester-2: Introduction to Microbial world and its diversity, Light microscopy, Preparation of bacterial component cells, Mapping and genetic disorders, Mendelian genetics, etc.

IISC Syllabus for Semester-3: Gross anatomy of the human brain, Elisa and cell cycle, Generation of action potential, Lymphocyte and macrophage activation studies, etc.

Semester-4: Biosynthesis of nucleotides, Integration of metabolism, Catalytic strategies, Basic concepts of enzymes and enzyme kinematics, Photosynthesis, etc.

Semester-5: Experiments in Microbiology and Ecology, Evolution and behavior through field observations, Plasmid isolation, Creation of genetic knock out in bacteria, etc.

IISC Syllabus for Semester-6: Vertebrates and plants, History and concepts of developmental biology, Fundamental differences between animal and plant development, Creation of specific organs, etc.    

IISC Syllabus for Materials Engineering: Introduction to Biomaterials Science and Engineering, Materials Thermodynamics, Polymer science Engineering and Mechanical behavior of materials.
IISC Syllabus for Aerospace Engineering: Navigation, Guidance and Control, Analysis & design of composite structures, Guidance theory & applications, Introduction to Helicopters, etc.

IISC Ocean Science and Atmospheric Syllabus 2017:
Fundamentals of climate sciences, Introduction to solid earth, Atmos Thermodynamics, Observational techniques, Environmental Fluid mechanics, Geophys Flu. Dyn., Observational techniques, etc.
Official Link: http://www.iisc.ernet.in

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