IIT JEE Syllabus 2017, Physics, Chemistry, Pdf, Download

IIT JEE Syllabus

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Joint Entrance Examination JEE (Main) Examination every year.
With the help of IIT JEE syllabus for Main/Advanced Exam, applicants can score better by preparing accordingly.
Students have an idea about the exam topics and current pattern of exam with IIT JEE Advanced syllabus.

Most Important:
In this test (JEE Main-2017), a candidates can appear only for a total of 3 times.  

Typical Exam Mode of IIT JEE:
i. Pen and Paper based examination
ii. Computer based examination
More exam stuff:
1. JEE Main Exam-1 will be conducted for admission in – B.Tech and B.E. Programs.
2. JEE Main Exam-2 will be structured for admissions in – B. Arch and B. Planning Courses.
This exam is also organized for the students of foreign countries. The syllabus of IIT JEE Main/Advanced 2017 includes the following three major subjects:
a. Chemistry
b. Physics
c. Mathematics

IIT JEE Physics Syllabus 2017:
1. General: Dimensional analysis, Speed of sound using resonance column, Young’s modulus by Searle’s method, Focal length of a concave mirror and a convex lens using u-v method, etc.
2. Optics: Deviation and dispersion of light by a prism, Thin lenses, Combinations of mirror and thin lenses, Magnification, etc.
3. Modern Physics: Law of Radioactive decay, Beta and gamma radiations, Binding energy and its calculation, Atomic nucleus, etc.
4. Electricity and Magnetism: Gauss’s law and its application in simple cases, Flux of electric field, Electric field lines, Coulomb’s law, etc.

IIT JEE Chemistry Syllabus 2017:
1. General Topics, Energetics, Chemical equilibrium, Chemical Kinetics, Solutions, Nuclear chemistry, etc.
2. Inorganic chemistry: Extractive metallurgy, Transition elements, Preparation and properties of silver oxide, silver thiosulphate, etc.
3. Organic Chemistry: Phenols, Amino acids and peptides, Reactions of benzene, sigma and pi bonds, etc.

IIT JEE Advanced Syllabus for Mathematics:
1. Trigonometry: Relations between sides and angles of a triangle, sine rule, half angle formula and the area of a triangle, etc.
2. Algebra: Properties of modulus and principal argument, triangle inequality, geometric interpretations, Arithmetic, geometric and harmonic progressions, etc.
3. Integral Calculus: Integration by parts, Definite integrals and their properties, Fundamental theorem of integral calculus, etc.
4. Vectors: Dot and cross products, Scalar triple products, Addition of vectors, etc.
5. Differential Calculus: Limit and continuity of functions, Even and odd functions, Derivative of the sum, Continuity of composite functions, etc.

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