MP PET Syllabus 2017, Pdf, Download

MP PET Syllabus

Madhya Pradesh Pre Engineering Test (MPPET) syllabus for the academic year 2017 can be downloaded through Hindustan Jobs Portal.

MP PET Syllabus for Physics:
A. Young’s modulus, Kinetic theory of gases, Gas laws, Escape velocity, Universal law of gravitation, Hooke’s law, Acceleration due to gravity, etc.
B. Simple harmonic motion, Beats and Doppler Effect, Progressive and stationary waves, Periodic motion, etc.
C. Defects of vision, Magnification and resolving power of telescope and microscope, Reflection, Dispersion in prism, etc.
D. Gauss’s law in simple geometrics, Dipole, Dipole field, Coulomb’s law of electrostatic, etc.
E. Ohm’s law, Wheat stone bridge, Measurement of voltage as currents, etc.

MP PET Syllabus 2017 of Chemistry:
A. Inorganic Chemistry: Coordination compounds, Principle and metallurgical operations, Transition metals, Chemical analysis, Comparative study of elements, etc.
B. Organic Chemistry: Polymers, Biomolecules, Preparation properties and uses of alkynes, Common functional groups isomerism structure and shapes of alkanes, etc.
C. General and Physical chemistry: Chemical bond, Solid state, chemical equilibrium, Lonic equilibrium in solutions, Solutions, Chemical kinetic, Surface chemistry, etc. 

MP PET Mathematics Syllabus 2017:
Co-ordinate Geometry of three dimensions, Trigonometry, Vector algebra, Numerical methods, Statistics, Differential calculus, Linear Programming, Differential equations, Integral calculus, etc.
MP PET exam syllabus can also be got in PDF format through the official website, which will be updates from here. So, stay connected with us.

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