Tamil Nadu State Board Syllabus 2017, 10th, 11th, 12th, HSC

Tamil Nadu State Board Syllabus

Tamil Nadu Board of Secondary Education syllabus for 10th, 11th and 12th class for the faculty of Mathematics, Physics, English, Chemistry, etc. is available from ‘Hindustan Jobs Portal’.

Tamil Nadu Board Class X Syllabus for English:
1. The Model Millionaire – Prose   
2. Sam – Supplementary Reading
3. To a Millionaire – Poem  

1. Music – The Hope Raiser
2. The Piano Lesson
3. The Piano

1. A Golden Path
2. The facts of Judas Iscariot
3. Manliness

1. Will Thirst Become Unquenchable?
2. Swept away
3. Going for water

1. Making visible the invisible
2. A Closer Encounter
3. The cry of the children

1. Flying with the moon on their wings
2. The summer flight
3. Migrant Bird

1. Our Heritage – A Timeless Marvel
2. Caught Sneezing
3. Shilpi

Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus 2017 for Mathematics (Class X):
1. Sets and Functions
2. Sequences and series of Real Numbers
3. Algebra
4. Matrices
5. Trigonometry
6. Coordinate Geometry
7. Geometry
8. Mensuration
9. Graphs
10. Probability
11. Statistics

Tamil Nadu Board Syllabus for class 10th Science:
1. Electricity and Energy
2. Laws of Motion and Gravitation
3. Measuring instruments
4. Magnetic effect of Electric Current and light

1. Chemical reactions
2. Atoms and Molecules
3. Carbon and its compounds
4. Periodic classification of elements
5. Solutions

1. My Body
2. Health and Hygiene
3. Heredity and Evolution
4. Life Processes
5. Waste water management
6. Conservation of environment
For additional information pertaining to Tamil Nadu Syllabus 2017, go through the official website here: http://www.tn.gov.in/schooleducation/

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