Bharathiar University Question Papers 2017, MBA, BCA, B Com

Bharathiar University Question Papers

Bharathiar University, Coimbatore is one of the best Universities of the state, which offers MBA, MSW, MJMC, M.Ed., MA, M.Sc., M.P. Ed., B.P. Ed., M.Com, MCA, M.Sc., and many other diploma courses.

Bharathiar University previous year question papers for the departments of Biotechnology, Environmental studies, Zoology, Medical Physics, Statistics, Computer applications, Human genetics and molecular biology, Industrial biotechnology, Applied psychology, etc. will be available from there. 

Here is given some model questions of Bharathiar University, which will help you in better preparation for your exams:

B.Sc. Computer Science:

1. Write short notes on – abstract classes in Java, AWT facilities of Java, Concept of constructors.
2. What do you understand by foreign key?
3. Define elements of visual basic IDE.
4. Explain dynamic arrays.

M.Sc. Environmental Science:
1. Explain hydrological cycle with diagram.
2. What do you understand by economic effects?
3. Discuss about limitations of analytical methods.
4. Write down the principles of conductometry.

BCA Model Questions:  
1. Define Multiplexers.
2. State and prove Demorgan’s theorem.
3. Explain GOTO statement with proper example.
4. State IF statement in COBOL.

To download the question papers of all other programs, you can visit the official website of Bharathiar University from here:

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