NID Question Papers 2017, PG, GDPD, PGDPD

NID Question Papers

Having some previous year question papers is of great importance for all the applicants. National Institute of Design is about to publish the program structure for annual and semester examinations for its campuses, situated at: 
Main Campus - Ahmedabad 
R & D Campus - Bengaluru 
PG Campus - Gandhinagar 
Programs, that are offered by NID includes, GDPD and PGDPD in the disciplines like, photography design, lifestyle and apparel design, game and toy, media design, animation film design, graphics design, etc. 

Based on memory, we are describing some of the NID model questions. Hopefully, these may be asked in your examinations. So read them carefully. 
Draw a man sitting on a stool, near the river. 
Draw the picture, based on water conservation techniques. 
Differentiate between yoga and gym. 
Some other questions based on visualization.      
However, to get more stuff and previous year question papers of NID, visit here: 

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