PTU Question Papers 2017, B Tech, BSc, MBA, MCA, BBA

PTU Question Papers

Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar has uploaded the previous year question papers of B.Tech, M. Pharma, Ph.D., B.Sc., B. Pharmacy, BCA, BBA, MBA, MCA, PGDCA, etc. for students. It was incorporated in the year 1997.   

These are very helpful for student’s concern. They can give final touch to their exam preparation. PTU question papers can be got for the following departments – Engineering, Biotechnology, Management, Pharmacy, Fashion technology, Computer application, Journalism and mass communication, Hotel Management, etc.

Some of the most commonly asked questions in B.Tech Mathematics examination are described below:

1. State and prove Euler’s theorem.
2. Find cube roots of unity.
3. State Green’s theorem.
4. What is Integrating Factor?
5. Explain Interpolation and Extrapolation.
6. Methods of Sampling

More information pertaining to PTU Question Papers can be obtained from the official website under the ‘downloads’ section or ‘examinations’. Hindustan Jobs Portal will provide you more information.

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