Pune University Question Papers 2017, BCA, BCS, MCA, MBA, BE, BCom

Pune University Question Papers

Pune University, Maharashtra conducts annual and semester examinations for Science, Arts and Fine Arts, Engineering, Education and Extension, Mental, Moral and Social Science, etc.

Previous year question papers for BCA, PGDMM, MBA, MFA, MCA, TYB.Com, SYB.Com, SET, PGDBM, SYBA, B.Ed., FYB.Sc., Ph.D., MA, PGSMLM, M. Phil, BA, PGDCA, PGDCM, etc. can be downloaded in PDF format.

How to download?
1. From the official website, you will get the links for University of Pune previous year question papers for April and October months.
2. Simply choose one and get the pdf file of Pune University question papers.

MBA Model Questions:
1. Describe the steps used in planning.
2. What do you understand by causes of change?
3. Explain the term Centralization.
4. Write the difference between trial balance and balance sheet.

B.Sc. Hospital Studies Model Questions:
1. Write down the importance of Blanching in your own words.
2. Explain the methods of Heat transfer.
3. What do you understand by take away service?

MCA Management Model Questions:
1. Write short notes on bit fields.
2. Define Tautology.
3. What do you understand by ERP market?

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