UPTU Question Papers 2017, B Arch, B Tech, MBA, PDF

UPTU Question Papers

Uttar Pradesh Technical University (UPTU) allows students to download the pdf file of previous year question paper format for B.Arch., B.Tech, B. Pharma, BFAD, BHMCT, MBA, MCA, M. Tech, Ph.D., etc. These can be search out for the following disciplines:

Architecture, Mechanical, Civil Engineering, Wireless Communication, Discrete Mathematics, Digital Electronics, Electronics, Electrical, Graph theory, Human values, Artificial intelligence, Industrial psychology, Marketing management, Computer network, DBMS, etc.

With UPTU exam pattern of annual, semester and for entrance examinations, candidates will get the benefits of important questions, asked frequently in exams.

Some of the Model Questions, asked in MBA exams by UPTU are given below:
Que-1: What does the Law of demand state?
Que-2: How can we maximize business profit?
Que-3: What do you understand by Managerial Economics?
Que-4: Explain Production function?
Que-5: Write short note on National Income?
Que-6: Explain the following terms: Inflation and Business cycle.

To get the complete details of UPTU Previous year question papers, click on the link given below:
Official Website: http://www.uptu.ac.in

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