Karnataka Board Syllabus 2017, I PUC, II PUC

Karnataka Board Syllabus

Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) exam syllabus for I – PUC and II – PUC can be obtained with the help of Hindustan Jobs Portal. 

Karnataka Board offers students to take admission in Mathematics, Sociology, Political Science, Computer science, Home science, Education, Geography, Sanskrit, etc. 

Karnataka Board Syllabus for PUC-II (Business Management)

Chapter-I: Introduction to Management
Chapter-II: Principles of Management
Chapter-III: Planning
Chapter-IV: Organizing
Chapter-V: Staffing
Chapter-VI: Directing
Chapter-VII: Controlling
Chapter-VIII: Financial Management and Financial Markets
Chapter-IX: Marketing
Chapter-X: Consumer Protection

Karnataka Board Syllabus for PUC-II (Statistics)

Vital Statistics
Index Numbers
Time Series Analysis
Interpolation and Extrapolation
Theoretical Distributions
Statistical Inference
Statistical Quality Control
Operations Research

Karnataka Board Syllabus for PUC-I (Biology)

Unit - I
The Living World
Plant Kingdom
Biological classification
Animal Kingdom

Unit – II: Structural organization in plants and animals syllabus
Morphology of flowering plants
Anatomy of flowering plants
Structural organization in animals

Unit – III: Cell Structure and function syllabus
Cell – The unit of life
Cell cycle, cell division

Unit – IV: Plant Physiology
Transport in plants
Plants and mineral nutrition 
Plant Respiration 
Plant growth and development

Unit – V: Human Physiology
Digestion and absorption
Breathing and Respiration
Body fluids and circulation
Excretory products and their elimination 
Locomotion and Movement
Neural control and coordination

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