SEBA Syllabus 2017, IX, X, HSLC

SEBA Syllabus

Board of Secondary Education, Assam (SEBA) exam syllabus for class 9th and 10th can now be downloaded from the official website. SEBA syllabus can be downloaded for General Science, General Mathematics, Assamese, Bengali, Hindi, etc. subjects through online mode.

SEBA Syllabus of Class IX (English):
1.Reading Comprehension (two prose passages-one seen, another unseen)

2.Writing (translation/amplification, article/story, notice writing/report writing)

3.Grammar (tense, use of passive voice, word order, narration, preposition, degrees of comparison, question patterns) 


Poetry - The Road Not Taken, No Men are Foreign, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, A Legend of the Northland, A Slumber did my Spirit Seal.

Prose - My Childhood, The Fun they Had, If I Were You, The Sound of Music, The Bond of Love.

Supplementary Reader – The Adventures of Toto, The Happy Prince, Weathering the Storm in Ersama, A House is Not a Home. 

Internal Assessments – Oral English, Projects for 10 marks for each section.

SEBA Syllabus of Class X (Mathematics):
Surface areas and volumes
Areas related to circles
Some applications of trigonometry
Co-ordinate Geometry
Arithmetic Progression
Quadratic equations
Pair of linear equations in two variables
Real Numbers

SEBA Syllabus of HSLC (Social Science):
Economics – 
Money and Banking
Economic Development
International Economic Institutions

Political Science – 
Indian Democracy
India and World Peace
Coalition Government

Geography – 
Regional Geography of Asia
Economic Geography: Resources
Regional Geography of Assam
Environmental problems and Management: Geographical Perspectives

History – 
1.India (1905-1947): Partition of Bengal-Swadeshi Movement, its aftermath
Rise of Gandhi Era of Freedom Struggle

2.Assam : Fall and Decline of the Ahom Kingdom
Cultural Heritage of India and North East
Assam’s Role in Freedom Movement

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