AMIETE Syllabus 2017, ELectronics, PDF

Candidates if you are seeking for the AMIETE syllabus 2017 then you are on the correct page. You can check the syllabus of electronics and telecommunication branch given below. 
Tentative date of AMIETE exam: Twice in a year i.e. in June & December. 

AMIETE syllabus 2017
Electronics and Telecommunications 
Section A (Part 1) 
1.Mathematics- 1: Multivariate calculus, ordinary differential equations, matrices and special functions. 
2.Mathematics- 2: Complex analysis, vector analysis, partial differential equation and probability concepts. 
3.Engineering graphics: Basic concepts, drawing conventions, projections, scales, plane geometry, solid geometry, screw threads & threaded fasteners, key cotters & joints, rivets and riveted joints, shaft coupling, etc. 
4.Applied mechanics: Basic concepts and force systems, equilibrium, properties of area & moment of inertia, kinematics and dynamics of a particle, plane motion of a rigid body, torsion, beams, etc. 
5.Materials and processes: Crystal structures and bonding, phase diagrams, diffusion in solids, magnetic materials, common fabrication processes, etc. 
6.Basic electronics: Fermi level, clipping and clamping, small signals amplifiers using FETs, oscillators, waveform generation and shaping circuits, etc. 

Section A (Part 2) 
1.Signals and Systems 
2.Numerical Analysis and Computer Programming 
3.Circuit theory and design 
4.Analog and Digital electronics 
5.Electrical engineering 
Section B (Part 2) 
1.Industrial management 
2.Telecommunication system 
4.Lab practice I (a) and I (b) 
5.Lab practice II (a) and II (b) 

Elective subjects 
1.Microwave theory and techniques 
2.Digital communication 
3.Satellite and space communication 
4. Opto electronics and optical communications 
5.Physical electronics and solid state devices 
6.Power electronics 
7.Digital Hardware design 
8.Computer networks 

To download the detailed syllabus of information technology, computer science & engineering and others branches as well in PDF form, log on to the AMIETE official website

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