NEET UG Syllabus 2017, PDF, Download

NEET UG Syllabus

For the admission in MBBS and other medical courses, CBSE has announced the NEET UG syllabus 2017. Now it easier for the candidates to score good marks and get the admission. Preparations can be done more efficiently topic wise as per the syllabus given below.  Publish by Hindustan Jobs Portal.

NEET 2017 UG syllabus 

Physics syllabus of class 11th 
Physical world & measurement, kinematics, laws of motion, work, energy & power, motion of system of particles & rigid body, gravitation, properties of bulk matter, thermodynamics, behavior of perfect gas & kinematic theory and Oscillations & waves. 

Physics syllabus of class 12th 
Electro statistics, current electricity, magnetic effect of current & magnetism, electromagnetic induction & alternating currents, electromagnetic waves, optics, dual nature of matter & radiation, atoms & nuclei and electronic devices. 

Chemistry syllabus of class 11th 
Some basic concepts of chemistry, structure of atom, classification of elements & periodicity in properties, chemical bonding & molecular structure, states of matter (Gases & Liquids), thermodynamics, equilibrium, redox  reactions, hydrogen, s- block element (Alkali & Alkaline earth metals), some p- block elements, organic chemistry, hydrocarbons and environmental chemistry. 

Chemistry syllabus of class 12th 
Solid state, solutions, electrochemistry, chemical kinetics, surface chemistry, general principles & processes of isolation of elements, p-block elements, d and f block elements, coordination compound, haloalkanes & haloarenes , alcohols, phenols & ethers, aldehydes, ketones & carboxylic acids, organic compounds containing nitrogen, biomolecules, polymers and chemistry in everyday life. 

Biology syllabus of class 11th 
Diversity in living world, structural organization in animals & plants, cell structure & function, plant physiology and human physiology. 

Biology syllabus of class 12th 
Reproduction, genetics & evolution, biology & human welfare, biotechnology & its applications and ecology & environment. 
For more clarification you may download the NEET UG syllabus in PDF format from the official website 

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