ICAR AIEEA Syllabus 2017, PG


ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural and Research) has issued a notification for the AIEEA syllabus of all PG programs. If your application forms are approved and you are given authorization to be seated in All India Entrance Examination Admission 2017 then you may download the ICAR AIEEA PG Syllabus 2017 from the official website www.icar.org.in/ 

ICAR AIEEA PG Syllabus 2017
Plant Biotechnology syllabus 
Basic sciences and general agriculture, Plant biochemistry, Plant biotechnology & Molecular biology/biotechnology, Plant physiology/Crop physiology, etc. 
Plant sciences syllabus 
1.Importance of agriculture in national economy 
2.Structure and function of cell organelles 
3.Characteristics of prokaryotic & eukaryotic organisms 
4.Food & Industry, etc 

Physical science syllabus 
1.Essential plant nutrients 
2.Soil as medium for plant growth 
3.Soil water, etc 

Entomology & Nematology syllabus 
1.Importance of agriculture in national economy 
2.Soil degradation 
3.Classification of animal kingdom up to class, etc 

Agronomy syllabus 
1.Principles of Agronomy, crop ecology and geography and agriculture Meteorology 
2.Field crops 
3.Weed management 
4.Soil fertility and fertilizer use 
5.Dryland agronomy 
6.Sustainable land use system, etc 

Social sciences syllabus 
1.Theory of consumer behavior 
2.Importance of agriculture 
3.Principles of Farm Management 
4.Extension education, etc 

Statistical Sciences syllabus 
2.Mathematics (Differential & Integral calculus) 
4.Statistics introduction, etc 

Horticulture syllabus 
1.Layout and establishment of Orchards 
2.Solan aceouscrops 
3.Agriculture importance, etc 

Forestry/Agro forestry & Silviculture syllabus 
1.Forest importance 
2.Agro forestry 
3.Agriculture. etc 

Agricultural Engineering and Technology syllabus 
1.Electric motors 
2.Thermodynamics principle 
3.Soil mechanics, etc 
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