KSOU Syllabus 2017, BA, BSc, MBA, BCA

KSOU Syllabus

Karnataka State Open University offers the education in various UG and PG courses such as BA, BSc, MBA and BCA etc. Candidates those are studying in this university and looking for KSOU 2017 Syllabus for these upcoming examinations are advised to download it from the official website in PDF format. 

KSOU Syllabus 2017: 

KSOU Syllabus for BCA 1st Semester: 
1. Computer Fundamentals and Windows based Applications 
2. Communication Skills in English 
3. Programming in C 
4. Data Structure 
5. C-Programming Lab 
6. Windows based Application Lab 

KSOU Syllabus for BCA 2nd Semester: 
1. Mathematics 
2. Computer Organization and Architecture 
3. DBMS 
4. OOPS with C++ 
5. C++ Lab 
6. Data Structure Lab 

KSOU Syllabus for MBA 1st Semester: 
Prepare seminar paper on any one of the topics per course: 

C-01 Management Process: 
1. Learning organization- Issues and Challenges. 
2. Challenges of Modern day’s manager 

C-02 Managerial Economics: 
1. Elasticity of Demand – Its practical implications 
2. Determinants of Economic growth 

C-03 Accounting For Managers: 
1. Relevance of Social Responsibility Accounting. 
2. Importance of environmental Accounting 

C-04 Organisational Behaviour: 
1. Organisational climate promotes organisational effectiveness 
2. Leadership v/s Emotional intelligence 

1. Statistical thinking in Business 
2. Big Data V/s Operation Research 

1. Sustainability and environmental issues for Indian Industries. 
2. Is India losing its position as a leader in out sourcing? 


C-01 Management Process: 
1. Explain various factors that are prominent in MBO. 
2. Explain the impact of cultural diversity in the work place. 

C-02 Managerial Economics: 
1. What are the determinants of economic growth? How do the social and political factors affect economic growth 
2. What is macro economics? In what way is macro economics applicable to business decision making. 

C-03 Accounting For Managers: 
1. Distinguish between Management Accounting and Financial Accounting. 
2. The sales and profit of Threenaama Company Ltd. Is as follows for the year 2014-15 and 2015. 

C-04 Organisational Behaviour: 
1. What is perception? Explain the factors affecting perception 
2. Describe in details about the five stages of group development. 

C-05 Statistics and Optimization Techniques: 
The following table gives the frequency according to groups of marks obtained by 67 students in an intelligence test. Measure the degree of relationship between age and intelligence test 

C-06 Business Environment: 
1. Explain Impact of FTAS on Indian business houses. 
2. Discuss the influence of political environment on FDI. 

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