NERIST Syllabus 2017, PDF, Download

NERIST Syllabus

North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology has circulated a notification for the candidates who will be appearing for the NERIST Entrance Exam 2017.

NERIST Syllabus 2017 for getting the admission in different certificate, degree and diploma programs has been released. Aspirants who are determined to pass this entrance exam with good marks should download the NERIST Syllabus available in PDF format from the concerned portal.

NERIST Syllabus 2017
NERIST Physics 2017 Syllabus: Measurement in Science and Technology, structure of atom, motion, gravitation, work, energy and power, heat, wave motion and sound, light reflection and refraction, optical instruments, electricity (heating and chemical effects), magnetic effects of electric current, nuclear fission and fusion, the Universe.

NERIST Chemistry 2017 Syllabus: Matter, atomic structure, classification of elements, chemical bonding, chemical reaction and its basic concepts, energetic, metals, non metals, Bio (mass as fuel), environmental pollution.

NERIST Mathematics 2017 Syllabus: Algebra, Polynomials, Rational Expressions, Linear equations in one and two variable, quadratic equations, Arithmetic Progression (AP), Geometry, Circles, Trigonometry, Mensuration, Statistics and Probability, coordinate geometry (2D).

Steps to download the NERIST Syllabus 2017
1.Step one would be to go through the official website
2.Under the NERIST notice board on the homepage click on NERIST Syllabus download option.
3.Click on the appropriate link.
4.Complete NERIST Syllabus for each topic gets highlighted on your computer screen in PDF format.
5.Now the students can easily download and take a printout of the syllabus.

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