RPET Syllabus 2017, Download

RPET Syllabus

Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan has announced the schedules for the upcoming Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test 2017. Aspirants will be given admission in the different engineering streams on qualifying this test. 

RPET Syllabus 2017 has been recently declared. Candidates are requested to make their preparation accordingly by downloading the RPET Syllabus from the concerned portal.

RPET Syllabus 2017
Physics Syllabus
Measurements and Units, radiation, dynamics of a particle, nature of light, dynamics of a system of particles, electrostatics, simple harmonic motion, electric circuits, inter molecular forces wave motion, magnetic field, kinetic theory of gases, alternating current circuits, first law of thermodynamics and electronics.

Chemistry Syllabus
Development of classical model of an atom, acids and bases, the periodic law, metals, the theory of chemical bonding, s- block elements, chemical equilibrium and ionic equilibrium, d. block elements, chemical kinetics and alkynes.

Mathematics Syllabus
Algebra, calculus, matrices, vectors, trigonometry, probability and coordinate geometry.

How to download the RPET Syllabus 2017?
1.Go through the official website techedu.rajasthan.gov.in/
2.Students you will be able to get the download link of RPET Syllabus under the Information section on the homepage.
3.On selecting the desired link, complete RPET Syllabus will appear on your monitor screen.
4.Please download and generate a printout of the syllabus for the better use.

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