BEEE Syllabus 2016-2017, PDF

BEEE Syllabus

The Bharath Institute of Science and Technology has published a notice about holding the Bharat University Engineering Entrance Exam 2016-2017.
Candidates desired to get the admission in engineering programs such as B Tech should make the best preparations according to the BEEE Syllabus 2016-2017 for the entrance test.
Applicants will be download the PDF file of BEEE Syllabus from the main web portal.

BEEE Syllabus 2016-2017

Physics Syllabus
1. Units and Measurements
2. Mechanics
3. Gravitation
4. Mechanics of solids and fluids
5. Oscillation and wave motion
6. Heat and Thermodynamics
7. Ray and Wave optics
8. Electricity and Magnetism
9. Atomic physics and relativity
10. Dual nature of matter and nuclear physics
11. Electronics and Communication

Chemistry Syllabus
1. Some basic concepts in chemistry
2. States of Matter
3. Chemical families
4. Periodic properties
5. Atomic structure
6. Chemical bonding and molecular structure
7. Solutions
8. Chemical equilibrium
9. Electrochemistry
10. Surface chemistry, chemical kinetics and catalysis
11. Some basic principles of organic chemistry
12. Hydrocarbons
13. Organic compounds containing oxygen
14. Polymers
15. Chemistry in everyday life

Mathematics Syllabus
1. Sets, relations and functions
2. Complex numbers
3. Matrices and determinants
4. Applications of matrices and determinants
5. Quadratic equations
6. Permutations and combinations
7. Mathematical induction and applications
8. Trigonometry
9. Sequence and series
10. Differential calculus
11. Applications of differential calculus
12. Integral calculus
13. Differential equations
14. Straight line in two dimensions
15. Circle in two dimensions
16. Conic sections in two dimensions
17. Vector algebra
18. Measures of central tendency and dispersion
19. Probability

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