Some Questions to Never Ask on a Job Interview

The question that should not ask on a job interview is how much does the job pay. Ask about the money on an interview, its sounds like that candidates only cares about the money. We all know that we work for the money and hiring managers is also doing work for the money but in a job interview talking about the money is a wrong impression. Candidates should need to show to the recruiter that your more interest is in job not even money. Applicants will get a chance to talk about salary package once you get an offer but you may not get an offer if you discuss about salary first.

What kind of corporation is this, this question can ruin your job interview. In case you ask this question then it sounds like you did not prepare yourself for your interview. Before submitting the resume to the company you should have to take information regarding the company. For example, you are going to enjoy your holiday to your cousin’s house and you don’t know the address of your cousin’s house then you look like a foolish person.

Never ask this question in your job interview “what happened to the last employee who had this job”. We are sure that you want to ask this question but don’t need to ask. It is not your business to know, it will not beneficial for you, what you will do if you know that person, so don’t ask this type of questions that can spoil your job interview. If you will ask this question it will makes you look curious and it feels like you want to search into personal life of someone.

Some candidates ask question like that “how much help will I get in the office". In case there is a team of employees then aspirants will be introduced by to them after joining the office. Asking regarding the help gives the thought that candidates cannot do the job by their self and the corporation will need to do more hiring just to keep you.

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