Tips for “Popular Resume Formats that Get Job Offers"

A well-written resume plays a important role in helping you land a job interview. One of the most popular and impactful resume is reverse chronological resume. The reverse chronological resume underlines your job history and work experience in reserve chronological order. 

This format presents a timeline view of the candidate’s complete job history such as everyday jobs and activities. Most of the experienced managers choose this resume format. Reverse Chronological Resume sections includes the Career objectives, Professional experience and accomplishments, Education and Additional skills.

The second most popular resume format is functional resume. This functional resume format focuses more on your profitable skills than your service history. This resume format is perfect for those candidates who have the less work experience and with gaps in their work history. Not like the chronological resume where skills and success are placed near the top of the page. Following the talents and accomplishment sections, you must add reduced list of corporation names, titles or post held, dates of employment, and locations. An educational qualification part must pursue with the freshest educational success at the top.

After the reverse chronological resume and functional resume now combination resume is the most essential format for the good resumes. This resume format is a mixture of the chronological and functional resume. This combination resume format uses the best of both formats by focusing on the strong talents and connecting those skills to your past job history. This combination resume format is ideal for new grads, career-switchers and experts with wide experience who cannot want to repeat job descriptions from similar past jobs. 

When you write the combination resume keep in mind skills and talents like communication, customer relations, and leadership and be able to explain how these talents relate to your specific work history.

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