What You Need To Follow Up After a Job Interview?

When you have complete your job interview then you should need to do some basic things that will make your character good. Before you leave the manager room shake the hiring manage hand and pass the sweet smile.

In case you are selected in the interview then after coming home from the company you should need to send a thank you email to the company manager. Candidates need to write this email brief and professional.

In case you have not received anything that can remind you that you are selected on that post then you must send an email after a week. Candidates will need do this politely and with a low pressure way.

Always try for the new company, if you have done interview in a company before six month so you can again try on that company otherwise you need to search new companies for you. 
You should not put your job hunt on hold. When you are waiting for response from a company where you have faced interview before one day but still you need to send your resume to the other associations. Always search job for you until you don’t select on your desire position and scheduling interviews.

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